Desoutter Pistol Grip Drill DR500-P18500-C8 (2051476764)

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Part number 2051476764
Model DR500-P18500-C8
Benefits Durability (Long Life Bearings)
High Stall Torque (5 Blades Motor)
No Hand Stress (Ergonomic Grip)
Light Weight (Composite Grip)
No FOD (Fixed Air inlet)
Reliability (High Quality Gears)
Safety (Chuck Guard)
Accuracy (Progressive Trigger)
Low Noise (Efficient Silencer)
Speed identification with color ring
Features Delivered with color ring
Delivered with keyed chuck (P/N 2050530133)
Delivered with chuck key (P/N 410213)
Delivered with chuck guard (P/N 2050494863)
Free speed 18500 rpm
Motor Power 500 W or 0.68 hp
Stall Torque  1.0 Nm or 8.85
Weight W/O Chuck 0.56 kg or 1.2 lb
Length L 141 mm or 5.55 in.