Desoutter Inline Drill DR300-T550-C10 (6151760530)

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Part number 6151760530
Model DR300-T550-C10
Description Keyed chuck capacity 8mm (5/16")
Benefits Durability (Long Life Bearings, Aerospace-grade aluminum housing)
High Stall Torque (5 Blades Motor)
No Hand Stress (Ergonomic Grip)
Reliability (High-Quality Gears)
Safety (Chuck Guard)
Accuracy (Progressive Trigger)
Low Noise (Efficient Silencer)
Easy maintenance
Features Delivered with safety lever (P/N 2050502883)
Delivered with keyed chuck (P/N 2050530133)
Delivered with a chuck key (P/N 410213)
Delivered with chuck guard (P/N 6150492753)
Free speed 550 rpm
Motor Power 300 W or 0.4 hp
Stall Torque 18.6 Nm or 164.6
Weight W/O Chuck 0.60 kg or 1.32 lb
Length L 184 mm or 7.24 in.