Desoutter (6159351470) Delta 7D Torque Analyzer

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Part Number 6159351470
Model DELTA 7D
Benefits DELTA 7D combines all DELTA 6D features with DWTA wrench communication for Residual Torque check
available with Torque plus Angle strategy and embedded barcode reader.
Thanks to the new joint analysis strategy the Delta 7D in combination with DWTA becomes
the perfect measurement instrument to characterise the real joint in the line, key
feature to:
find real joint yield point
set the production tightening tool with the correct torque and angle values increasing the quality in the overall production process
Features Connection to DRT4, DRT5, DST
Connection to DWT, DWTA
Connection to CMD and GSE type
Angle measurement
Wrench Test
Nutrunner Test
Pulse Tool Test
1000 tools & Pset
Integrated Statistic (Cm, Cmk (ISO, NF and CNOMO standards) + SPC)
Quality & Production Strategies
Automatic torque residual check
Results: 5000
10 curves
CVI autocalibration
Embedded barcode
External Barcode connectivity
Li-Ion high capacity battery of 16 hours of autonomy or external power supply
Net Weight 0.5 kg
Width 95 mm
Depth 45 mm
Height 192 mm
Battery Life 16 hours
Charger 110/240 V

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