XL60 Series XL60-60 Standard-Duty Scissor Lift - 60" of Travel

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Load Capacity: 6000 lbs

Raised Height: 70", Lowered Height: 10"

End/Side Capacity: 3000

Std. Base & Platform: 24" x 86", Maximum Platform: 48" x 120" 

Lifting Speed: 30 sec

Std. Motor: 3, Std. Voltage/Phase/HZ: 230,460/3/60



Maximize worker and productivity by positioning work at just the right level. Eliminate manual lifting, bending, and stretching to minimize fatigue, strain and injury. XL Series Scissor Lifts with are available with 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, and 8,000 lbs. capacities. A variety of platform sizes and available options make these rugged, dependable scissor lifts perfect for just about any work positioning or assembly application.