Tohnichi 20FTD2-S Torque Screwdriver

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  • Torque Range: Min.-Max. (3-20) cm, Grad. 0.5 cm
  • Overall Length: 272 mm
  • Standard Accessory Bit: Interchangeable bit is sold separately
  • 1/4" Hex


  • Direct reading torque screwdriver ideal for inspection.
  • Bi-Directional Loading
  • Brightly Colored Contrasting Scale for Easy Reading
    • Available in SI, Metric, or American units. Select model by unit and torque range required.
  • Protected Main Pointer
    • Easily Adjust Zero Point with Press and Rotate Scale Plate
  • Memory pointer captures peak torque.
  • Black Resin Comfort Grip
  • Accepts standard 1/4" hex root size bits (sold separately).
  • FTD8N2-S and FTD16N2-S have 1/4 sq drive and come with Auxiliary tightening tool and bits as standard accessory.
  • Includes Certificate of Calibration
  • Applicable for international use including the EU region. Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type I Class D.