BUILT (46718) Height Adjustable Machine Base MB6500 72"W x 30"D

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This modular, height-adjustable frame sets a new standard for flexible machine bases. Driven by custom-designed actuators, this base can lift 6,500 pounds at the touch of a button to bring the workstation to the user’s ideal working height. With its modular design, the MB6500 can adapt in size to fit any application with minimal downtime.

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6500 lbs
Starting Height: 28.5″  |  32.5″
Widths:  60″  |  72″  |  84″
Depths:  30″  |  36″ |  42″
12″ or 16″ vertical adjustment at .25″ per second
Simple or programmable control switch
Rigid, cold-rolled steel construction
Anti-vibration mounts with 6″ swivel casters or a bolt-to-floor option.

    All workstations can be customized, please contact us for help!