BUILT (46811) Flat Material Handling Cart FHC500 32″W x 48″L

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Our FHC Series offers highly versatile, rugged carts for industrial applications. Available in two standard sizes, these modular flat-top carts carry flat materials at a level that’s easy to maneuver. Each cart accommodates up to two shelves and transports loads of up to 500 pounds. Custom nameplates improve visual communication on the plant floor.

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  • Rigid cold-rolled steel construction
  • Tube-in-tube design provides extra rigidity
  • 500 lbs. of load capacity
  • Heavy-duty 6″ locking swivel casters
  • VOC-free powder coating (standard and custom colors)
  • Colorful custom nameplates enhance communication in a visual factory
  • Standard dimensions:
    • 24”H
    • 32″W x 48″L
    • 40″W x 76″L