Sturtevant Richmont SLTC FM2.4 GHz 1800 I ERGO (810421) Preset Wireless Click Wrench

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SLTC-FM Series Wireless Click Wrench

  • Full compatibility with all Global 8, Global 400 and Global 400mp, TCV, TCV-Ethernet, and PTV.

  • Part No. Model
    Torque Capacity
    Head A (in) B (in) C (in) D (in) Weight (lbs)
    810421 SLTC FM2.4 1800 I ERGO
    1800 in lb / 204 Nm Dovetail
    20 9/16
    1 21/64
    1 1/4
    1 47/64

    Features and Characteristics

      • Accuracy of +/- 4% or better of preset value from 20% to 100% of capacity meets or exceeds requirements of ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789.
      • Access to well over 200 SR interchangeable heads.
      • Excellent audible/tactile impulse when preset torque is achieved.
      • Error Proofing By Guidance: Monitors time in the “clicked” position to provide “OK/NOK” quality attribute data with every use of the tool.

      Tool power supply is a AAA battery. An Alkaline battery is supplied with the tool. We recommend NiMH rechargeable batteries for high cycle operations and environmental friendliness.

      Previous models were powered by a 6 volt Alkaline battery. Those tools can be upgraded with the current AAA power supply and radio kit:
      Kit Part No. 10615 for all models up to and including the 1800 I ERGO model.
      Kit Part No. 10616 for wrenches 3000 I and larger use.