Desoutter (6151657730) Delta Wrench 800 Digitally Measure Torque & Angle (80-800 Nm)

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Part Number 6151657730
Model Delta Wrench 400
Description Digital wrench Vision for torque
Benefits Accuracy for critical tightenings
Production data traceability
Wide torque range to replace clickwrenches
Repair station tightening
Difficult access joints tightening
Re-hit detection
Low calibration cost
Back up tool
Quality audit checks for already tigthen joint
Predefined angle rotation for operator independance
Export data for quality & statistic analysis
Perfect for fast & accurate pulse tools setting
Features Digital Torque wrench non length dependent
Used for Production & Quality control.
Type Of Tool Digital
Torque Range 40-400 Nm
Output Drive 3/4 "
Net Weight 2.8 kg
Length 1026 mm
Accuracy +/-1% +/- 1 digit
Drive 14x18 mm

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