Desoutter (6151657750) Delta Wrench 30-A Digitally Measure Torque & Angle (3-30 Nm)

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Part Number 6151657750
Model Delta Wrench 30-A
Description Digital wrench Vision for torque & angle
Benefits Accuracy for critical tightenings
Production data traceability
Wide torque range to replace clickwrenches
Repair station tightening
Difficult access joints tightening
Re-hit detection
Low calibration cost
Back up tool
Quality audit checks for already tigthen joint
Predefined angle rotation for operator independance
Export data for quality & statistic analysis
Perfect for fast & accurate pulse tools setting
Features Digital Torque wrench non length dependent
Used for Production & Quality control.
Type Of Tool Digital
Torque Range 3-30 Nm
Output Drive 3/8 "
Net Weight 0.9 kg
Length 402 mm
Accuracy +/-1% +/- 1 digit
Drive 9x12 mm

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