Delta Regis CESL(T)865PM (40 VDC) Brushless Shut-Off Clutch Screwdriver

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Start Type:  Push
Torque Range:  53-159 in.lbs (6-18 Nm)
Speed Hi/Lo:  350/250
Style:  Inline
Drive Size:  1/4" Hex
Length:  297 mm
Diameter:  46.2 mm
Weight:  1.25 kg
Compliance:  CE / RoHS
  • Precise Torque Control, Low Torque Reaction
  • Quiet, Brushless DC motor means no carbon dust
  • Compact body design results in exceptional maneuverability and operator comfort
  • Less heat build-up and higher duty cycle capabilities than conventional brush motors
  • 3 year motor warranty
  • Screwdriver includes an accessory pistol grip, torque lock sleeve and a 6-pin, 2m long cable for connecting to a compatible brushless controller (controller req’d - sold separately)

Controller Options:

BECT940-SSO: Counting Controller, 1 output, Hi / Lo speed, 100-240VAC

BECT940-HL: Controller, 1 output, Hi / Lo speed, 100-240VAC


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