Delta Regis BECT940-SSO Counting Controller - all 40V DC drivers (40 VDC)

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Add functionality and error-proofing to your CESL8 Series Delta Regis Brushless Screwdriver with the BECT840/940-SSO Counting Controller. This controller offers a host of options including Slow Start, Batch Counting, and OK/NG Rundown. Indication based on the screw driving cycle occurring within a predefined time window. An externally accessible I/O connection provides the user with a signal interface. Outputs are available for rundown OK, rundown NG, and batch complete. External (dry contact) switches may be wired to the inputs for enable at batch start (part in position), disable, clear (reset batch count), remote start, and remote reverse.

  • Selectable Slow Start Speed and Time
  • Large LED Display of Screw Count Values
  • Externally Accessible I/O Connections
  • Programmable Batch Counting with Audible Buzzer indicating batch complete
  • Programmable Time Window for comparison with actual fastening cycle time - LED’s indicate OK/NG rundown cycle
  • Optional Timed Auto-Reverse after the clutch trips for applications requiring back-out after fastening
  • Lock to limit access to program modifications