Delta Regis BECT820(N) Controller for for SKD-BN5_LF/PF, SKD-BN7 (32 VDC)

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Input:  100-240 VAC
Output:  32 VDC, 6 pin tool connector
Dimensions:  195x76x56 mm
Weight:  450g (1lbs)
Compliance:  CE/RoHS/ETL


Power Supply provides extra power for running high speed 6 pin, 32VDC CESL8 Series Brushless Screwdrivers.

The power supply converts AC input power to the DC output voltage level required to properly run the screwdriver. The BECT820 provides a 32V DC output (Hi) to the 6 pin tool connector.

Use with models:


  • Hi/Lo speed selection (Hi speed only applicable to 2000 rpm tools)
  • Single output
  • Input voltage 100-240VAC