Sturtevant Richmont Global 400 (10497) Torque Controller System

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Global 400 Series Wireless Error Proofing System

The Global 400 performs as a station dedicated process controller that organizes, directs workers, tools, and tasks. It also brings a powerful networking capability not previously available in the Global 8 and the Global 100 series.

It can work with 16 primary torque tools, 8 holding tools, and an additional 8 I/O tools. It has the capacity for 100 sets of parameters that can be grouped allowing 4 operators to work as a team. These parameters or groups can be formed into jobs containing a fixed build sequence of up to 35 steps.

 System Capabilities:

  • Six inch diagonal, back-lit, color LCD display.
  • 2-RJ-45 Ethernet ports allow for chain, or ring network communication.
  • USB-A connector for use with bar code scanner, or updating firmware, and saving files.
  • RS-232 D-Sub9 Connector for use with serial bar code scanner or serial printer.
  • Ten pin I/O connector providing discreet I/O capabilities
  • Five pin connector for the additional I/O capabilities of the optional GIM400.
  • Power Supply 100-240 VAC at 50-60 Hz.
  • Key switch for programming access. 21-function keys for programming.
  • Adjustable and programmable beeper for audio communication.

Protocols: EtherNet IP, Open Protocol,ToolsNet.

Software: SR Global Manager (Included) optional SRGlobalHost reporting software (Part No. 10622)