Sturtevant Richmont PTV-FM 2.4 GHz (10466) Programmable Torque Verifier

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TCV-FM 2.4 GHz Torque Control Verifier

The PTV is our oldest and most popular controller. The PTV is capable of managing 4 parameter sets. Each parameter is paired with a specific wrench. If the operator selects the wrong wrench, communication is ignored until the correct wrench is used.

This is the first, and principle hall mark of all SR tool controllers.
The right tool, at the right time ensures accuracy of the assembly

System Capabilities:

• Immediately informs operator via lights and a buzzer of proper (“Accept”) or improper (“Reject”) wrench use
• Notifies operator and line when batch is complete
• Allows up to 255 fasteners per batch. Counts fasteners in batch in either direction: up or down
• Cycle accept, cycle reject, batch complete, and reset relays for use with line control system
• Simple and straightforward front panel programming with key lock security control.
• Control tool use sequencing through the unit or via 24 VDC control system
• Operates on either 110-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC power
• See page 15 for SLTC FM 2.4 GHz wrench capacities and part numbers.