Sturtevant Richmont IDW 6 Nm (815720) Industrial Dial Wrench

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Part Number Model Designation  Minimum  Capacity   Maximum  Capacity   Graduation  Length (Cm) Weight (Kg) Square Drive Size (in.)
815720 IDW 6 Nm 1.2 Nm 6 Nm 0.25 Nm 26.162 Cm 0.5443 Kg



Features and Characteristics

  • An accuracy of +/- 3% Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of capacity.
  • Meets or exceeds ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789.
  • Error Proofing By Design: Oversized dial face is extremely easy to read and helps to eliminate parallax error.
  • Glare resistant dial cover makes it easy to read in difficult light conditions.
  • Error Proofing By Design: A memory indicator is provided on each wrench and remains at the maximum torque achieved for positive torque verification.
  • Heavy duty dial guard protects against breakage.
  • Dial faces are color-coded: silver for inch pounds, gold for foot pounds, and white for Newton meters.
  • Wrenches with capacity up to 50 ft-lbs have a black powder coated handle that provides an industrial strength finish.
  • Wrenches with a capacity of 175 to 250 ft lbs have a flexible PVC handle. The flexible PVC grip that comes on tools up to 250 ft. lbs. that supports proper grip and provides comfort during use.
  • Wrenches with a capacity of 600 to 1000 ft lbs have a specially designed extension aluminum handle that is easy to grip.
  • Each wrench comes in its own rugged, blow molded, storage case.
  • FREE NIST-traceable tabulated certification included.