Sturtevant Richmont Exacta 2 - 250 (10536) Bidirectional Interchangeable Head Digital Torque Wrench

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Part Number Model Designation  Capacity Lever Length Overall Length Weight Dovetail
10536 Exacta 2 - 250 250 ft lb/ 338.9 Nm 21.0” / 533 mm 25.2” / 640 mm 4.1" lbs/ 1.86 kg Pin and Spring


Applications & Characteristics

The Exacta 2 line sets a new standard for digital torque wrench performance in assembly, maintenance, and auditing. Better still, this new design as robust as it is accurate and reliable. The three modes of operation on board permit use in almost every circumstance and most models offer the SR dovetail so you can use any of 100 SR Interchangeable Heads.

Since it has a serial port and works with our Exawin software, specification and data handling are quick and easy.

  • Bi-directional accuracy of +/- 1% of Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of capacity in Track and Peak modes meets or exceeds requirements of ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789. The Residual mode assists the user in determining retained torque on a joint. The actual accuracy percentage is contingent upon the joint condition and user technique.
  • The large, bright display can be read at arm's length, even in shadow.
  • Three modes of operation - Track, Peak and Residual - cover almost every application.
  • Programmable Limits With Visual Notification. Want a visual guide and an audible prompt when you’ve reached the torque specification? Want a visual guide on your progress as you use the tool? Exacta® 2 has both!

Error Proofing By Guidance: Exacta® 2 has a Yellow/Green/Red illumination system to guide you as you use the wrench. The display and a raised lens on the back of the wrench both illuminate when each significant torque value is reached. An LED provides a Yellow/Orange light as you approach the minimum torque specification. The light turns Green when you reach the minimum torque and remains green until you either stop pulling on the wrench or the maximum torque specification is attained. If you over torque, it turns bright Red to let you know. Just pull to Green!

  • Error Proofing By Guidance: Supplementing the visual information are audible prompts from a beeper. You’ll always know when the torque is right!
  • Exacta® 2 comes with a serial cable for communication with a PC, and can download readings as they are taken, or in a batch mode! The readings can be saved as a text file and imported by almost any statistical or spreadsheet software. This is an invaluable aid when performing process design and process analysis.
  • Simple front panel programming. Four key-switches on the front of the Exacta® 2 electronics module permit programming and operation of all key functions.
  • 999 memory locations can be accessed, reviewed, uploaded and printed - all from the front keypad.
  • Free Exawin software. We have developed software for programming Exacta® 2 from a PC. The Exawin software permits downloading maximum and minimum torque limits, units of measure and other key operating functions directly from a PC. It does so with ease and simplicity. The link to the software is below, so it is immediately available when you are ready. Take advantage of this software and the capabilities it affords.
  • Four of six models have the SR dovetail and can be used with SR Interchangeable Heads.
  • The Exacta® 2 uses four (4) AA NiMH batteries of 2200 mAh capacity. These batteries (sold separately with 15-minute charger in NAFTA countries only) provide ample operating time between charges. Backup batteries (NAFTA countries only) are available with 2500 mAh capacity.