Delta Regis ECT8-SSOA (32 VDC) Controller for Low Voltage Screwdrivers

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Speed Hi/Lo:  30~100% of full speed
Input:  Dry switch contact
Output:  MOS relay, max. 40VDC, 250mA
Dimensions:  103x100x32 mm
Weight:  180 g


The ECT8-SSO Slow Start & I/O Module is ideal for processes that require more functionality than is provided by the CESL8 Series screwdriver's standard hi/lo speed controller. The module installs in-line between the controller and the tool. It has a short (400mm) whip cable which plugs into the controller, and a 6 pin connector to accept the screwdriver cable. An LED display is provided for set-up and error indication. Status lights show the condition of various I/O functions. The rear-mounted terminal strip is the interface point for external signal input and output communication.

  • For use with the following CESL8 Series model screwdrivers:
    CESL810-812, 823-827(P/F/PF)
  • For use with the following controller models: